Gluten Free Meals - preparing and cooking them at home

Have you got to cook gluten free meals from now on? Wheat flour off the menu? Worried about getting it wrong? Why not let me help?

I have been preparing gluten free meals for myself and the rest of my family, for as long as I can remember. Considering I was diagnosed with celiac disease as a baby, and I am now 50 plus, that has been quite a long time!

Planning your meals - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Desserts - Snacks

Planning and cooking gluten free meals

If you are already a keen cook you won't find gluten free cooking too difficult, it is mainly a case of avoiding cross contamination.

If you haven't done much cooking before, don't worry. I will give you all the tips and techniques that you will need as we go along.

I will talk you through family meal planning and how to cater for the gluten free diet without breaking the bank, while still considering the personal likes and dislikes of everyone in the family. Ringing the changes by using different cooking methods, textures and food colors are also discussed.

You will also see how to put gluten free menus together, consisting of three meals and a snack each day. I have even included the recipes used, with easy links from within the menu itself. 

And I haven't forgotten special occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. 


Gluten free breakfast

This is the meal that most newly diagnosed celiacs seem to have the most trouble with, as I am always being asked, "what can a celiac eat for breakfast?"

Check out my own ideas and gluten free breakfast recipes. You may be surprised just how varied you can make your first meal of the day.


Gluten free lunches

Where do you eat your lunch?

Perhaps you take a gluten free packed lunch to work or school with you?

Or you might be a stay at home mum who needs to cater for a baby or toddler as well as yourself?

On a cold day why not tuck into hot homemade gluten free soup made from homemade stock?

Whatever your requirements, my lunches page will give you loads of ideas for tasty gluten free meals that don't take long to prepare or cook.


Gluten free main meals

You will probably find that the main, cooked meal is the easiest to convert to a gluten free version.

Meat and two veg type meals are often gluten free by nature anyway, as long as you don't pour thick gravy all over them (as my mom mistakenly did to mine last Christmas!). There are ways to thicken sauces and gravies without using normal wheat flour as you will soon discover.

Other ways to switch to providing gluten free dinners include...

  • Using alternative flours for pie crusts
  • Substituting gluten free pasta for the wheat based versions
  • Serving quinoa, or rice in place of bulgar wheat or couscous

This is only a short list of the changes that can be made to make your favorite dinner recipes safe for someone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Check out some simple ideas for gluten free main meals by clicking on the links below...


Gluten free desserts

I don't know about you, but I like to round off my meal with a dessert of some kind.

Check out my gluten free desserts to discover hot, cold and even frozen "afters" to enjoy. As well as the three recipes on that page, you will also find links to all the other dessert recipes on this site.


Gluten free snacks

It isn't as easy to grab a snack on the run if you follow a gluten free diet. Therefore you will need to do a little forward planning to ensure there is something in the cupboard to nibble on when you feel peckish between meals.

I happen to enjoy Soyjoy bars, which are individually packed and easy to pop into your bag if you are going out.

If you have a little time to prepare them, you may find my fruity, gluten free snack recipes useful too.


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