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Are you looking for easy, but tasty, gluten free recipes? Why not try some of my favourites. After 50 years on the celiac diet I have experimented and adapted many recipes to make them safe for fellow celiac sufferers to eat and enjoy.

Like you, I had to learn how to use unusual flours which didn't behave in the same manner as wheat flour.

I had many disasters, just ask my husband, but gradually learned what worked and what didn't.

But instead of looking on it as difficult, I enjoyed the challenge of coming up with tasty gluten free recipes that the rest of the family enjoyed as well. I won't say I am the world's best cook, because Im far from it, but these everyday celiac recipes will certainly fill hungry tummies and avoid that nasty gluten!

Gluten free baby food recipes

Starting young babies on gluten free food is a good idea especially if celiac runs in the family.

Baby rice with apples.

chicken and vegetable casserole.

Let baby try these fruity homemade baby food recipes

Don't forget vegetables when making your own baby food.

baby food recipes for poultry and fish

coconut pudding with raisins.

Gluten free bread recipes

My favourite gluten free bread recipe for rolls.

Got some leftover potatoes? Try this Irish potato bread recipe, served hot with butter.

Brazilian cheese bread, or Pão de queijo, makes a lovely savory treat

Gluten free breakfast ideas

Try an old fashioned, Victorian classic breakfast dish, Kedgeree

Why not make some almond milk for breakfast?

Buckwheat porridge makes a nice hot breakfast for winter mornings.

Mix up a batch of this gluten free muffin recipe the night before, and bake for a quick breakfast idea

Enjoy this healthy breakfast bar at any time of day

Gluten free cake recipes

Coconut cake recipes - Coconut fingers and Chocolate coconut bars 

Bake a Lemon and almond flour cake as a tea time treat

Gluten free chocolate cake which you can use for a Yule Log

Gluten free cupcakes are simple to make

Chocolate jelly roll recipe made with rice flour

Gluten free banana cake

Gluten free Christmas cake

Ginger and Apple Cake 


Gluten free cookies and bakes

Gluten free desserts

An old favourite, Apple Crumble, with a new twist

A dairy free and gluten free dessert that needs no cooking is this wonderful avocado mousse

Sweet Almond and Rice Flour Pastry can be used for all sorts of sweet pies for dessert

Joanne's Bakewell Tart makes a wonderful dessert or treat

Gluten and Lactose Free ice cream


A recipe for mexican dip

Meat and poultry

I love it when my son cooks his Chicken and leek stirfry for lunch

Another of my son's recipes this homemade meatball recipe is a family favourite

A fast food favorite for you here - gluten free chicken nuggets.


Tasty almond flour pancakes are good any time of day!

Cheesy cornmeal pancakes are great for breakfast or lunch

A lighter version of the traditional buckwheat pancakes

Cinnamon protein pancakes are gluten free and low carb!

Pasta recipes

Quick and easy for lunchtime this Pasta with egg, cheese, bacon and yoghurt will keep you going all day

An all time favourite, macaroni and cheese can be made with gluten free pasta shapes for the celiac diet

Savory dishes

Quinoa with sweetcorn, onions and sultanas is quick to prepare and highly nutritious

Gluten free quiche with a nutty crumb base

Why go without? You can make gluten free pizza crust with no wheat flour!

Gluten free stuffing recipes

What is a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without stuffing?

Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten Free Soups

- Gluten Free Recipes


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